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Our Story

Discover Handicrafts echoes the heartbeat of art, craft and culture. Our products are authentic hand crafted items that connect customers and connoisseurs to the lives of artisans and their myriad expressions. While the products retain the deep-rooted elements of  heritage, those are strategically developed in contemporary design to suit the needs and preferences of today’s customers.

Discover Handicrafts reaches out to thousands of craftspersons and weavers to develop handicraft and handmade products that stand out in terms of quality and uniqueness. Our social business approach is creating entrepreneurs out of artists, and bringing back economic self-reliance to the bottom of the pyramid. This helps sustain the traditional art and craft by creating viable livelihood opportunities.

When you shop at Discover Handicrafts, you do not only hold a piece of art in your hands, but reach out to make the lives of thousands of our weavers and craftspersons a little better.